What Is BridgeNet Insurance

A digital-first Insurance Agency which supplies platform producers a single contract "Bridge" into a multi-carrier "Network" with which they have not had prior access.

There are more than 3M people employed by in the insurance industry. We are transparent with claims data and are transparent with how we do business and the data that we collect.
Your Partner
We play well with others and help you manage your users time.
We work with a network of 1700 local licensed insurance professionals. We are right around the corner, an average of 1.2 miles from your clients.
We help with the strategic analysis of competitors, rate adequacy, rate filing and other phyco-geo-social issues.

Meet The Leadership

Tim Morris
Chief Executive Officer
Tim brings 43 years of insurance and investment banking experience, including The Hartford, First Bank System, GAN North America, Travelers, CitiGroup, Farmington Capital Partners and Hanover Stone Solutions.
Keith Mahar
President, AutoSmart Insurance Agency
Keith has over 30 years of Non-Standard Auto Insurance experience. In addition, he has extensive knowledge in call center outsourcing services, data and lead acquisition through conversion.
Dan Schlemmer
CFO, Chief Actuary
Dan has 20 years of experience providing financial and actuarial solutions to large and small insurers, and other entities managing insurance risk.
Dwight Stuckey
Chief Technology Officer
Dwight has 28 years experience with managing and underwriting specialty insurance programs as a MGA and National Wholesale Broker using top admitted and surplus lines carriers.